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What Is a Lady Waiting?

A lady in waiting is a term that refers to women who are part of the entourage of the nobility but were not necessarily members of the nobility. They are usually women who possess intelligence, confidence and the heart to care and to give honest and straightforward advice to their noble mistresses. Oftentimes, their relationship with the nobility is close enough, enabling them to climb in the noble ladder, and sometimes even appointed to a high position in the kingdom. The lady in waiting serves their mistress, and they also serve as a good companion. They however, are not doing the services that other members of the nobility does such as cooking, serving food, managing the work in the royal household or acting like a servant. Instead, they are enjoying special privileges such as having a comfortable life or having a separate quarter in the royal household and even become important figures in history.

The ladies in waiting have also made significant contributions in history as they were usually the ones who write poetry and stories which depict the life in the court, or the life of the nobility. They were also instrumental in the creation of arts and musical composition that were inspired by the life in the court. In other words, the lady in waiting is an important part of the noble’s life. They are crucial in the different functions of the court. They serve as an important backbone of the court’s life. When they possess the intelligence and capability, they themselves become monarchs.

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