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What Is Lagundi?

Lagundi is a plant that is used to treat some medical conditions. The scientific name of lagundi is Vitex negundo, and it is native to the Southeast Asian country, The Philippines. Lagundi is technically a large shrub and has traditionally been used to treat respiratory conditions, especially chronic cough. Researchers in The Philippines have long been testing and studying the lagundi plant in order to find evidence of its efficacy in herbal medicine, and results have been favorable.

The lagundi plant grows in swampy areas and is characterized by one large stem, which is rather woody. The plant itself can grow tall and has leaves that are similar to palm leaves. The leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds of the lagundi plant can be used in herbal medicine.

The main use of lagundi is to treat a cough. Traditionally, its leaves are harvested and then boiled to make a tea-like concoction. The patient then drinks this tea regularly in order to get rid of the cough. The same principle applies to other respiratory conditions including asthma. Today, lagundi can be found as ready-made tea, pills, and syrup. Some commercially produced lagundi products can have lagundi as the main ingredient while others combine lagundi with other active ingredients.

Lagundi is also purported to have some analgesic properties. While verification of this property still needs some work, there are people who already make use of lagundi as a mild painkiller.

Lagundi is also available outside of The Philippines, but you will probably have to visit an alternative medicine drugstore to get your hands on some.

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