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What Is Laser Birthmark Removal?

Laser birthmark removal is a process by which blemishes on the skin are treated and removed, with the goal of leaving “normal” skin behind. Birthmarks differ from other blemishes on the skin simply due to the fact that they are formed before a person is formed. In some cases, birthmarks disappear on their own early in a child’s life, but most of the time, birthmarks will remain throughout the person’s lifetime - unless they are dealt with medically.

The process of laser birthmark removal makes use of a tightly focused beam of light (hence the term laser). Due to the power of the laser and its potential to harm adjacent cells, laser birthmark removal should only be carried out by professional medical practitioners such as dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

Much like other laser-based treatments, laser birthmark removals relies on the heat emitted by the light beam. This heat penetrates the skin, stimulating blood circulation. The whole process results in the removal of the the birthmark.

However, laser birthmark removal does not happen overnight. As a matter of fact, it usually takes many sessions for the birthmark to totally disappear. In some cases, if the degree of pigmentation is high, as many as a dozen sessions may be required. In other cases, a huge difference can be noticed after only one session. Most of the time, weeks - even months - are allowed to pass in between sessions. This is so that the skin can recover, and the overall results are much more desirable.

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