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What Is LDL?

LDL, or low density lipoprotein cholesterol, is known by many people as the bad kind of cholesterol.

Based on various medical studies a person who has high levels of LDL in his body is more likely to develop heart disease. In order to determine if a person has high LDL levels and has a high probability of getting heart disease, the first step to do is to take an LDL test. A lipid profile is often taken as part of a physical. The profile will already include an LDL test. The test itself is a blood test that would measure the levels of low density lipoprotein that is found in the blood serum. The LDL test is quite simple, but it usually requires a 12 hour fast and some medications should also be stopped for the duration of the fast.

Because of the new findings that LDL levels are the best determiner for risks in developing heart disease instead of looking at the total cholesterol levels, LDL testing has become more important. A high LDL level is something that can actually be lowered with just a change in the diet. In fact most of the diets that are designed to lower cholesterol is quite easy to follow.

Foods that contain high LDL cholesterol levels include foods that are rich in saturated fats and also trans fatty acids. Saturated fats are usually found in non skim milk along with cheese and cream. It is also found in meat and poultry products.

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