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What Is the Legal Age to Contract?

The age of majority is another way of referring to the legal age of contract. The legal age of contract refers to the age wherein one can enter a legally binding contract or agreement.

In most states, the age of majority or the legal age of contract is 18. Those below this age are not allowed to enter any contract without guardian supervision. This certain restriction shows limitations of a minor’s actions. These limitations are not for the purpose of hindering the physical and mental maturity of an individual but for them to gain a sense of responsibility and grow independently. Their safety is as well considered here.

Reaching the age of majority or the legal age of contract gives different opportunities for a particular person. He or she would be permitted to enter a contract, buy stocks, be able to vote, buy and consume alcoholic beverages and drive vehicles on public roads. Even if they choose to get married, they can already do so without consent.

These rights and freedom given to a person who is in a legal age of contract could still vary depending on the jurisdiction or the place where the person is living. Also, this may give them freedom to do what they want although it would not save them from punishments in times that they tend to abuse such freedom. This happens when violations and even crimes occur due to their irresponsible and abusive actions. Every right given to them should be exercised properly as this stage is considered to be their stepping stone to becoming a mature and responsible person.

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