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What Is a Legal Service Plan?

A legal service plan is a special type of legal service offered by most attorneys, which is aimed at individuals or organizations that frequently need the services of a legal attorney. The idea behind a legal service plan is to provide discounts and other useful benefits to a regular client, and in some cases providing them with priority service. A legal service plan, in most cases, is formed on a contract basis where the client agrees to paying a set sum of money over a given period of time, receiving discounted legal services during that period, regardless of the type of case they're taking to court.

In some cases, legal service plans offer clients better access to legal documentation and databases containing information related to their cases, which can greatly aid one's case in court - even though attorneys normally provide these services to their regular clients, they often choose to do so at some high pay rates, making legal service plans a very attractive option to those looking to get the most out of their legal cases without having to invest much.

One common problem with legal service plans is that they're a form of contract and prohibit clients from hiring other attorneys during the period outlined in their plan - doing so would be a breach of contract, unless some agreement has been made with the attorney in question to allow the use of some auxiliary attorneys who provide unique services that can aid in the specific case.

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