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What Is a Letter of Representation?

A letter of representation is a letter of agreement between a client and a lawyer. This formal written contract explains all legal services and terms of representation that would happen between them. This as well includes fees and expenses of each service.

A letter of representation is usually written by the attorney for the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings during hearings and any related investigation of the case. However in some circumstances, this could be written by any individual as long as he or she has a reasonable purpose and all the needed information are written and clearly explained. Meanwhile, those having a hard time writing one could ask assistance from a lawyer or attorney.

In every agreement or contract involving a lawyer or any legal counsel, a letter of representation considered to be a formal document is a requirement. This would clearly explain to the client the terms and scope of their agreement and this letter will serve as proof that an attorney is legally representing a client in a particular case.

A letter of representation should include the contact information of the attorney and should serve its purpose of informing a party that legal representation is present. Those who were given such letter are expected to follow the request stated in it. Otherwise, legal action could be taken which would depend on the decision of the court after it considers the side of the offending party. Procedures and certain requirements are needed to be carefully followed in writing a letter of representation.

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