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What Is Litigation Consulting?

Even lawyers cannot be expected to fully understand every aspect of laws and in some cases require additional assistance from extra parties. Litigation consultants offer their services in clarifying the purpose of different documents and assets a lawyer has at their disposal when engaging in a specific lawsuit, and can provide them with invaluable assistance in determining how to proceed in their case, and how to best make use of their available assets. Most lawyers seek litigation consulting for reasons such as explaining the purpose of documentation, determining the important pieces of documents, as well as organizing documents into a more easily accessible manner to make it easier to review the case at a later point.

Litigation consultants aren't only used by lawyers of course, they can also be hired by regular citizens as an aid to their court cases. This is quite common in some places where litigation consultants offer their services at substantially lower hourly rates than lawyers who specialize in the same field, and thus it can be more budget-efficient to use a litigation consultant for the purpose of document clarification, as opposed to turning to one's lawyer directly.

When a lawyer requests the services of a litigation consultant, their client usually takes part in their meetings and gives their opinion on the current situation, offering feedback and stating if they're fine with a certain action being taken. Some litigation consultants even have their own lawyer teams, most commonly used to assist them in some of the more complicated and demanding cases.

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