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What Is a Litigation Practice?

When an individual needs representation in a court of law, he or she usually approaches a litigation practice. This establishment is a law firm that is run by lawyers or attorneys-at-law who act as advocate for an individual who solicits a lawyer. Litigation practices may differ depending on the type of law their lawyers specialize in.

Litigation practice offer individuals legal counsel by representing the plaintiff or defendant in a court trial as well as providing legal advice to anyone asks. Services rendered by a litigation practice often come at a price called billable hours. These services are not limited to legal counsel but can also include research in the area of law or handling of business or personal affairs of a client.

When a litigation practice undertakes a case that will undergo the process of litigation, the firm assigns a lawyer or the client picks a lawyer to represent him or her in the litigation. It is then the responsibility of the lawyer to review and research the case with the help of his or her legal support team of clerks, associates, experts, and investigators. The lawyer then files all the necessary documents on behalf of his or her client. Once the appropriate documents are filed, the lawyers must prepare for court trial. This is a lengthy and tedious preparation that involves making claims and providing evidence or witness testimonies.

The primary purpose of a litigation practice is to address the legal needs of their clients. This is done by either fulfilling the business or personal transactions on the client’s behalf or winning a court case for the client.

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