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What Is Litigation Support?

Before a court case is tried, the legal counsel of each of the litigants must have thorough knowledge of the case. An attorney does not necessarily have all the time or resources to conduct whatever is necessary for a case. Thus, litigation support is a service provided by professionals who offer research, consultation, documentation, reviews, and anything else that is needed by an attorney. A team of researchers, clerks, and consultants are usually those who provide litigation support. This kind of service can be found within a law firm or as an independent agency that can do contractual work.

Legal counsels are often tasked to provide a defense or prosecution, which entails going through data relevant to the case. Since this can be difficult and time-consuming, litigation support goes through the specific, relevant data needed for an effective defense or prosecution while the legal counsel focuses on building a case.

Litigation support often begins with specific data that will eventually branch out into other fields of information that may or may not be relevant to the case. Thus, professionals who provide this service review and evaluate countless documents and packets of data in order to give the legal counsel the necessary, relevant data.

Professionals who are in the service of litigation support do not necessarily possess a law degree, but have a background in relevant fields of study such as criminal law, research, and science. Usually, litigation support professionals are adept at reading and evaluating so much data and providing the client with only the concise and relevant information.

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