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What Is Lox?

Lox, otherwise known as smoked salmon, is an extremely thin fillet of salmon that underwent a process of curing and cold smoking. Smoked salmon is widely consumed in various parts of the country. Lox as term is most commonly used in the United States and Canada. In fact, “lox” is most widely used in the East Coast. The word itself is a Yiddish word meaning “salmon.” Other etymological relations include “lachs” in German, “laks” in Norwegian, and “lax” in Icelandic and Swedish. Additionally, the Old English word for salmon is actually “læx.”

Despite the curing and smoking process, lox is actually not cooked. This is the reason the salmon stays pink and smooth and does not at all resemble cooked salmon fillets. In the United States, lox is usually served as a breakfast food. It is served as very thin slices and enjoyed with bagels. Usually cream cheese is put on top of the salmon to make it more delicious. The lox – cream cheese combination has proven to be such a perfect combination that it is not uncommon to see dairies and bakeries offer cream cheese that already has lox mixed with it or with other cream cheese flavorings like chives and dates.

Aside from breakfast, lox is also served during lunch an dinner. Delis and sandwich stores often offer lox sandwiches in their lunch menu. Also, many restaurants add lox in their appetizer plates. One of the more popular ways to serve lox is to serve it with fruits like apples, grapes and some mild cheeses.

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