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What Is Lymphatic Drainage?

A healthy lymphatic system is one of the foundations of overall well-being. This network of vessels and ducts is the body’s natural “flushing mechanism.” It helps the body herd the toxins away from healthy cells. It also activates the immune system and sends the body’s germ-busters to any cells that are being attacked by viruses.

However, the lymphatic system can grow inefficient because it doesn’t have a natural pumping mechanism. Holistic doctors try to cure this with lympathic drainage therapy. This is a completely non invasive process. It involves regular massage administered by a lymphatic drainage therapist.

The therapist is trained to locate blocks in the body, zeroing in on particular lymph nodes and body points to remove blockages. One of the symptoms of a block is swelling. Once the blockage is removed, both the lymphatic system—or even the entire body—becomes healthier. That’s because even a small blockage can affect the circulatory, respiratory, muscular and endocrine systems. In fact, some people who go through lympathic drainage therapy say they experience less allergies, menstrual cramps, colds and other viruses.

Aside from lymphatic drainage therapy, people can also take other steps to promote a better lymphatic system. This includes avoiding tight, constricting clothes and undergarments, and practicing a regular exercise regimen and balanced diet.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is an excellent way of preventing disease and keeping the body in optimum condition. However, it should not replace traditional medical treatments. It is important to report swollen lymph glands to a doctor, who can check if it is a symptom of a more serious health problem.

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