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What Is a Mail-Order Bride?

A mail-order bride refers to a woman who has entered into a matchmaking service to find a suitable partner. However, this is not always the case as many women from different parts of the world who are coming from underdeveloped countries marry immediately any man from developed countries with the hope for a better life away from their homeland. A mail-order bride refers to women who publish their personal information either online or in magazines where the man from another country, usually from a develop country, can see the profiles and eventually visit them woman in her home country. Nowadays, there are agencies that cater to this services and the people who would want to avail of their service needs to register and enter into a contract with the agency.

There are many reasons why women enter into a mail-order bride service. For one, they think that they can easily go abroad and improve their lives with the help of their new husband. Second, they wanted to leave their country of origin in search for a better job with the help of their husband. And other reasons include security and financial reasons. Men who use mail-order bride services are often wealthy men in developed countries who are searching for another relationship with a woman whom they think are submissive to them. This idea oftentimes results to domestic violence issues. There many cases of women being abused or murdered by the partners and there are also male partners that were murdered by their mail-order brides. New laws were already developed to counter these incidences.

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