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What Makes a Drama Queen?

The drama queen (or drama king for males) is a personality type who typically exhibits irrational behaviors and emotional outbursts. In minor situations, they overreact, they are overbearing, and they are very demanding of other people’s attention. Psychologists describe drama queens as neurotic personalities who often perceive the world in absolute terms, there are no in between stages, you are either for her or against her, if their world is disrupted, then the whole world falls apart for them.

Drama queens are quite calculating and manipulative, using their ability to burst out emotionally as leverage over others. This forces people to comply with them and treat them with care so as not to make the drama queen unhappy. Drama queens hate being alone or being ignored, they surround themselves with friends who they view as adoring fans who must always support them. Jealousy and envy are traits that they often have which make their unhappiness easy to trigger especially if they have personal failings which are obvious when compared to others. They cannot take personal criticism well or defer to others, so they are very difficult to work with. Their calculating nature comes out when plotting revenge against those who trigger their outbursts or frustrations.

The self-absorbed, selfish and self-centered drama queen is well known for her tantrums through out childhood. Parents are to blame sometimes as they nurture this behavior by agreeing to a drama queen’s demands. The drama queen feeds on this and can often become uncontrollable in the most embarrassing ways in public.

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