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What Makes a Fashionista?

The term fashionista was invented as early as the 1900s, and has spread out after a decade. It is put together by the words “fashion” and the Spanish suffix –ista. Fashionistas are people who go after the latest fashion trend. Either they love following the fashion trend or they are involved in the fashion industry. The term fashionista can sometimes be insulting to other people, especially to ladies. This means these people are so fanatic about fashion that they are well aware of even the upcoming details of the fashion industry. For some people, however, it is their pride to be considered a fashionista.

When buying clothes, fashionistas have the tendency to follow the fashion trend devotedly. They dress well and assure that they are always in on the latest fashion to assure that they keep their reputation. They do not just buy fashionable clothes, but also accessories like jewelries, belts, bags. Some fashionistas are also are very partial to branded shoes, like Imelda Marcos. Aside from buying fashionable clothes and accessories, some really hard core fashionistas attend fashion shows and read magazines to be updated on the latest fashion trend.

There are many popular persons and celebrities who are considered fashionistas. It is very important in their show business industry to be fashionable. Most of the people look up to them not just because they are great actors and actresses or hosts and hostesses. People also look up to them because of their fashion statement, which is more often than not imitated by others.

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