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What Is Mange?

Have you heard of the term “mangy dog?” Mange is a skin disease found in dogs, cats and many animals. It is caused by mange mites, which dig into the skin and cause itchiness, then leads to a horrible scaling of the skin.

Mange is caused by mange mites. There are many kinds, which burrow into different parts of the body and produces different symptoms. The notoedric mange tends to spread among cats, dogs and rabbits. The scaliness first exhibits in the ears before spreading to the rest of the face and body.

Sarcoptic mange tends to occur among dogs, and is sometimes called canine scabies. It first starts in the stomach area and elbows, or any areas where there is little hair.

Demodectic mange, on the other hand, actually live in hair follicles. This type can spread all over the body and is extremely difficult to treat once it reaches its later stages. Prevention and early detection and cure are necessary.

Mange can spread from pet to pet, and even from pet to pet-owner. Luckily it can be treated. Any signs of scaliness and itchineass must be brought to the attention of the veterinarian, who will perform a painless skin scraping test. The sample will then be brought to the lab. If positive for mange mites, the pet will be treated with either tablets or medicated shampoos. Sometimes injections will be prescribed. In some cases it may be necessary to shave off the pet’s hair, or put the animal under quarantine to prevent infection of other animals.

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