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What Is Marital Therapy?

Marital therapy is a specific kind of therapy or counseling that is aimed at helping married couples deal with issues they face in their relationship. Marital therapy falls under broader categories such as relationship counseling and couple therapy. Some people mistakenly think that marital therapy is only for couples who are facing serious problems in their relationship. However, this is not necessarily true. Married couples who want to build up their relationship and are not necessarily facing serious problems can benefit a lot from marital therapy.

Not everyone can conduct marital therapy sessions. Officially, only licensed therapists specializing in family and marriage are supposed to conduct these sessions. Married couples may opt to go to sessions together or as individuals. In some cases, couples opt for a mixture of both. For couples who are experiencing problems, individual sessions may be more effective in the beginning as they may not feel comfortable opening up about their personal issues in front of each other. As time passes by, however, sessions together may be necessary.

Much like other kinds of therapy, marital therapy does not end in the office of the therapist. More than talking through issues during the session, the therapy will require additional effort in daily life. Assignments such as sharing sessions, bonding time, and reading material may be given in the course of the therapy.

It is important to remember that simply going to marital therapy does not mean that everything will be solved. It takes time and commitment from both parties.

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