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What Is a Martyr?

The term martyr originally refers to someone who is willing to die for his or her belief or stand. Historically, it refers to people who sacrificed their life for the sake of the people, their country and even their religion. They face persecution for not giving up their philosophy. Oftentimes, martyrs are killed or are being assassinated in the midst of their struggle for something such as human rights, religion and the like. The concept of martyrdom is very common and is practiced by many religious organizations in the world such as Christianity, Judaism and other religions as they see it as a form of highest good. There are also cultures in which martyrdom is a concept that is really part of their worldview because of the fact that they have been used to persecutions or have been historically subjected to various form of cruelty from people who see them as different from the majority. There were even people who were recognized as heroes or saints because of their contribution to humankind or their fellow countrymen, or in other words they were recognized for their martyrdom, for sacrificing their lives believing that it was for a greater cause.

The term martyr is also used to refer to a person who has been enduring all the sacrifices, the challenges, the problems and the situation he or she is into. The person may complain about his or her situation but that does not stop him or her from letting go of the person or a thing that causes his or her sufferings. For instance a mother has been enduring the pains brought about by the drunkard husband. She is called a martyr, in a negative perspective.

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