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What Is the Medical Condition Called Flat Feet?

Take a look at your feet. The chances are that they arch at the bottom, on the inner side. This is how “normal” feet should look like. The arch at the bottom of your foot helps provide support when standing up. People with flat feet do not have the arch, and when they stand up, the entire bottom of the feet (or one foot) touches the floor.

Contrary to common belief, the flat feet is actually not that uncommon. More so, it does not cause pain in most cases. Usually, the condition occurs when, during childhood, the arches fail to develop. Naturally, the flatness of the feet is carried on throughout adulthood. Here’s an interesting bit of information: babies always have flat feet. This is due to the fact that they have not developed the muscle that runs along the inner side of the feet yet. As they grow older, the muscle grows as well, resulting in the arch. Now, in some people, the muscle does not develop, resulting in what we know as flat feet!

Flat feet can also be caused by injury or extreme wear and tear on the posterior tibial tendon. This runs from the inside of your ankle to the arch. If this gets weakened, your arch may also disappear and result in flat feet.

While doctors have determined that flat feet should not be a cause of pain, sometimes, some symptoms do come up. Some symptoms that have been reported include pain in the heel or arch area (or where the arch is supposed to be), difficulty standing on tiptoe, and some swelling on the ankles. If you experience these symptoms, it is best to see your doctor to determine what can be done.

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