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What Is a Medical Deposition?

It is sometimes necessary for a court case to involve a witness testimony in order to strengthen an argument made by the prosecution or defense. When a witness, who is a medical professional, provides a testimony other than within the confines of a court, it is recorded as a legal document for future reference and referred to as a medical deposition.

A medical deposition provides written information that is necessary to a court case, usually one involving medical malpractice or clinical negligence. During a medical deposition, the medical professional is asked questions of clarification or asked to provide new pieces of information relevant to the case. A court reporter is present during the recording of the deposition. The deposition is recorded in various formats; it may be hand-written, transcribed, and recorded on audio or even on video. This medical deposition is then presented during a court trial to the judge and jury if the witness is absolutely unable to make an appearance in court.

However, any admission or statement made by the medical practitioner in a medical deposition may be used against him or her. Thus, it is necessary that the deponent cautiously answer questions that the legal counsel may have.

The format of a medical deposition may vary according to jurisdictions. Despite the different formats and guidelines, medical depositions usually involve details and information that may be crucial in proving a claim or argument to be true. Thus, it is natural for medical depositions to include a medical professional’s understanding of a patient’s history and statistics.

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