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What Is Mental Health Rehabilitation?

Mental health rehabilitation refers to programs that aim to help people recover from a mental illness or from substance abuse. In the course of mental health rehabilitation, patients are encouraged to regain skills that will help them deal with living a normal independent life and to restore previous relationships that may have been damaged due to the illness or substance abuse.

Mental health rehabilitation is usually part of another, larger rehabilitation plan. This may be a drug rehabilitation program or any other addiction rehabilitation program. Mental health rehabilitation may be done within a rehab facility, but patients can also undergo the program as an outpatient. As with other rehab programs, mental health rehabilitation requires the collaboration of various health professionals, the patient, and the patient’s family members and friends.

One focus of mental health rehabilitation is to help patients deal with simple life tasks on a daily basis. The ability to do these tasks may have been seriously impaired while the patient was suffering from a mental illness or a drug addiction problem. The task of the person facilitating mental health rehabilitation is to teach those skills to the patient again. Some examples of skills may be social and interpersonal skills, personal hygiene regimens, doing grocery shopping, preparing meals, and so on.

Mental health rehabilitation may take a lot of time and effort. There are no clear-cut rules as to how long it will take to achieve positive results. This really depends on the patient and the specific circumstances surrounding him. The important thing is that he receives all the support that he needs, as well as patience from those closest to him.

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