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What Is Meth Addiction?

Meth addiction is a problem that affects people living in all parts of the United States. About 4.3 percent of the population (9.4 million people) have tried this illegal drug on at least one occasion. Meth is very popular in the Midwestern region of the country. It accounts for almost 90 percent of the drug cases in that area, and is especially popular in Oklahoma.

The reason methamphetamine addiction happens so easily is that the drug targets the pleasure center in the user's brain. This manufactured pleasure is the reason why it's possible for someone to become addicted to meth from the first time they use the drug. It acts in the same way that adrenaline does; meth causes the heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure to increase. This rush is immediate, and one that the person with the meth addiction wants to experience over and over again.

At first, the meth addiction is a physical one, but over time, the person becomes psychologically addicted to the drug. During the physical portion of the addiction, the individual keeps using the drug to try to get the same experience they had the first time they tried it. This will not happen. Using meth actually changes the brain's chemistry, and as a result it doesn't release the same level of chemicals that produce pleasurable feelings.

The psychological part of meth addiction is related to the effect the drug has on the addict's pleasure center. They start to use meth as a way to feel better or differently about themselves or their lives. Some people who have a meth addiction started using as a way to fit in with their friends or because they want to have fun. Others start because they are curious and mistakenly feel that they can dabble with it without becoming addicted.

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