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What Is the Mexican-American War?

The Mexican-American War is a controversial topic in Mexico. There are many opinions. This is my personal opinion of the Mexican-American War.

"On March 24, 1846, an American army commanded by General Zachary Taylor encamped along the northern banks of the Rio Grande, directly across the river from Mexican soldiers. Within a month, hostilities commenced: a large body of Mexican cavalrymen attacked a patrol of dragoons on April 23. Declaring that "American blood had been shed on American soil", President Polk addressed Congress, who declared war on May 13, 1846. " via Fort Scott

The Mexican-American war was about the United States' empirical lust for more land, to be a nation that stretched from one coast, to another. It was about greed, and territorial expansionism. It cost the United States many lives of innocents. It cost Mexico much land, and numerous lives. In fact the lust for more territory,and resources has continued even today with more and more reaching and grabbing for power,territory, and resources has continued.

Many Mexicans view the Mexican-American War as a defining moment that has cost Mexico it's rightful territory and it's pride. Many Mexicans still view the United States with disdain as a result of this.

Map of the Mexican-American War

mexican american war

A brief introduction into the Mexican-American War

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