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What Is MHz?

MHz is the abbreviation of megahertz. In order to fully understand what megahertz means, the root word hertz should be discussed first. Hertz is a term that was named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, who is one of the pioneers of the science of electromagnetism. Based on the International System of Units, units that are part of the ISU should be capitalized if it is named after a person. But when it is spelled fully, then it should not be capitalized. This is the reason why the abbreviation is written as Hz or MHz but when spelled out, it is hertz or megahertz. Hertz, as a term, can be used as a singular or plural word.

Hertz is used as a measure of frequency based on the count of the number of cycles that happen in one second. One hertz is the equivalent of one cycle per second. Actually, before the implementation of hertz as the universal term for this unit of measure, the previous name for the measurement was "cycles per second" or cps and MHz was called megacycles.

One MHz is the equivalent of one million hertz or one million cycles per second. It is also the equivalent of 1000 kilohertz or KHz. Things that are measured in hertz include light, sound, radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation. when it comes to sound, the range is usually in the tens of thousands of hertz. Physical vibrations, on the other hand, are usually measured in MHz.

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