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What Is Micro USB?

USB is an acronym that means Universal Serial Bus. It is a kind of cable standard that is used in connecting different devices to the computer. Devices include the computer mouse, the computer keyboard, a camera, and the flash drive or portable drive.

The Micro USB paved the way for connectivity between gadgets and the desktop or laptop computer, and was part of the consumer need for thinner, sleeker, and more portable technology. As both cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDA’s) shrank in size, the mini USB (the micro USB’s predecessor) was deemed “too clunky.” Manufacturers then enhanced USB technology, led by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF). This is an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the progress of USB technology. Thanks to its efforts, the Micro USB is set to become the industry standard. Already, the latest gadgets—including those carried by mega-brands like Nokia, have Micro B receptacles while the USB OTG (On-The-Go) devices have also been modified to have Micro-AB receptacles. Stores are also set to carry Micro-A plugs, Micro-B plugs, and standard cables.

Consumers welcome the change. All technology has been geared towards portability: the ability to access, share, store, and transform data on the go. Even an “average” consumer wishes to be able to upload photos from his cell phone (taken with a high-resolution built-in camera directly to a computer. Others want to be able to exchange Powerpoint presentations at the office, or switch from one data drive to another. The Micro USB enables all of that quickly, without the hassle of carrying clunky equipment. Sleek is sexy and smart—and the Micro USB delivers.

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