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What Is a Milkman?

Before the advent of industrialization and globalization, it is common to see a man driving a farm truck with milk and other dairy products in his vehicle to be delivered to his clients, house to house. As the name implies, the milkman delivers fresh milk to his clients every day. Her delivers everyday because during the earlier times, there was yet no refrigerators that will preserve the milk. Because the milkman interacts with his customers every day, he is well aware and is very familiar with the people in the community. The milkman usually interacts with their female clients as they are the ones who always took charge of the meals of the family. The milkman also collects the milk bottles that were previously used the day before. Aside from delivering milk, the milkman can also deliver eggs and other farm products that his clients requested.

Nowadays, milkmen are getting obsolete except for some places particularly in farms where fresh milk are preferred by the people over the preserved ones. The fading out of the milkman job is due to the fact that farm trucks and fresh milks are being replaced with big trucks of preserved cans and bottles of milk are delivered to huge markets and department stores. Huge dairy companies can produce milk and deliver them in no time with the use of modern machines and technology. For this reason, the population of milkmen came to a halt and eventually diminished. When industries were built, the milk industry was commercialized. Even without the milkman, dairy industries can produce and deliver as much milk as they can.

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