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What Is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a consumer product with many different applications. Like petroleum jelly it is made of different kinds of hydrocarbons. However, it is a considered to be a liquid petrolatum, and its unique consistency makes it a practical and versatile choice for many consumers. Its uses are endless, and it is quite affordable and easy to find. In fact, mineral oil is sold in all drugstores and supermarkets. Baby oil is actually mineral oil, but with pleasant fragrances mixed in.

For example, mineral oil is an excellent makeup remover. It is able to strip off even long-wearing, heavy makeup due to itself ability to cut through thick formulas. It also takes off sweat and grime, as well as dirt that even astringents or regular cleansers miss. Many companies also mix mineral oil with other ingredients to create very effective beauty treatments.

People can also use mineral oil in the kitchen. It is excellent for conditioning butcher block surfaces. The oils keep the wood supple despite its constant exposure to heat and light, and it also minimizes the appearance of cuts and nicks left by the knives. Mineral oil can also be used to maintain the look of soapstone countertops.

People should also use mineral oil to condition clay pots, giving it that wonderful vintage appearance that is popular in country or shabby chic homes. In fact, many artists use mineral oil on all clay creations, from clay poker chips to miniature sculptures and home décor.

Considering the low cost of mineral oil and its many uses, it makes sense to keep mineral oil stocked in the house.

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