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What Is a Misdemeanor Arrest?

There exist 2 kinds of violations of the law; the most severe law violation is referred to as a felony while the second kind is called a misdemeanor. However, within the category of a misdemeanor, there are 2 poles of differentiation. The first refers to a gross misdemeanor, which is more serious and may carry with it an imprisonment term. The second is called a petty misdemeanor that may only result in fines. This degree of misdemeanor is also called a non-criminal offense since it is possible that this may not result in a criminal record.

When a person is guilty or accused of having committed a misdemeanor, he or she is subject to a misdemeanor arrest. The arrest may be made immediately after the crime has been committed or upon the request of an arrest warrant. The circumstances of a misdemeanor arrest may depend on when and how it was committed. However, it is common for an arrest warrant to be produced before an arrest can be made. The arrest warrant is produced by the court upon the request of an individual and evaluation of the evidence in support of the warrant.

A misdemeanor arrest involves consequences in terms of fines and imprisonment. A person who has been subject to a misdemeanor arrest may have to pay certain fines as punishment for the crime he or she has committed. If the misdemeanor is severe or gross, it is possible that jail time may also be given to the individual under a misdemeanor arrest.

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