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What Is a Misdemeanor Lawyer?

Attorneys-at-law or lawyers represent all kinds of individuals who solicit their legal counsel. A misdemeanor lawyer is one who represents individuals who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense.

There exist 2 kinds of violations of the law; the most severe law violation is referred to as a felony while the second kind is called a misdemeanor. However, within the category of a misdemeanor, there are 2 poles of differentiation. The first refers to a gross misdemeanor, which is more serious and may carry with it an imprisonment term. The second is called a petty misdemeanor that may only result in fines. This degree of misdemeanor is also called a non-criminal offense since it is possible that this may not result in a criminal record.

A misdemeanor lawyer has the duty to represent his or her client in a court of law and attempt to reduce the sentence given to such a client. It is also highly recommended that a misdemeanor lawyer gain a plea bargain from the opposing counsel in order to avoid court trial and possibly more severe sentencing. A plea bargain is an opportunity offered by the prosecution to the defendant to admit to certain charges and have a reduced sentence. These opportunities are usually guarantees from the prosecution that both parties agree to. Most misdemeanor lawyers opt for this resolution in order to ensure that his or her clients’ best interests are sought. The most common is charge bargaining wherein the defendant will admit guilt to less major offenses committed as negotiated between the defense and prosecution.

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