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What Is a Mock Jury?

Many individuals who are in law school wish to practice the art of law in a setting that is similar to a court trial. These individuals are provided opportunities to present arguments and handle court cases as they would once they become lawyers. These opportunities are varied but may include a court trial simulation wherein a case is brought to trial without any legal consequences. Many refer to this simulation court trial as a mock trial. It is possible that these mock trials involve a jury, referred to as a mock jury.

A mock jury is integral in law school or in a legal training or research field where lawyers or would-be lawyers can practice presenting their arguments or trying new techniques or mannerisms. Mock juries are used in such instances because lawyers need to practice how to read juries or adjust their manner of speaking in order to elicit a response from the mock jury.

A lawyer making use of a mock jury usually presents arguments only, no evidence or testimonies to support them. It is then the responsibility of the mock jury to act like any jury would, deliberate and pass judgment based on the arguments shown. Mock juries are often expensive, but provide lawyers an opportunity to present arguments and gauge how a regular jury would respond when presented such arguments. Mock juries can also be found online, which are less expensive. For law students, mock juries are most prominent in mock trials, which are quite competitive.

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