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What Is a Momma’s Boy?

Close relationships with mothers, especially among men, are quite rare. Men who have this kind of relationship with their moms are called mommy’s boys. They normally spent more time with their moms than with other men. They talk to and seek advice from their moms whenever they have problems, especially concerning their love life. They would rather listen to their moms instead of talking to other close friends and relatives, unlike other men. They even live at home with their moms and do favors for them freely, and and vice versa.

The term daddy’s girl is not as bad as the connotation for mommy’s boy because it is healthy and natural to society. But when talking about a man’s close relationship with his mother, people find it distorted and annoying.

A girlfriend or wife is the most irritated woman in a mommy’s boy’s life. Most of the time, she feels jealous and insecure with the mother of her boyfriend or husband, especially when the mommy’s boy starts talking to his mom about their relationship, or asking advice about their intimate relationship. She wants her man’s attention only on her, not on his mother. And normally the girlfriend or wife becomes angry with the mother of her boyfriend or husband.

At the same time, the mother also gets jealous with the girlfriend or wife of her son. She may think that nobody is good enough or suitable for her son. And sometimes, mothers create problems in order to ruin the relationship of her son and to be able to bring back his loyalty.

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