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What Is a Mommy’s Boy?

The term mommy’s boy often connotes a negative meaning especially to a woman who has been involved in a relationship with a mommy’s boy. A mommy’s boy refers to a man who is unaware of his behavior of having his mother the center of his life instead of his own family or his wife. A mommy’s boy often feel that he is compelled to make his mother happy and that he has to do anything to make his mother happy at the expense of disregarding the emotions of his girlfriend or wife. Oftentimes, a mommy’s boy follows what the mother says and always seeks advice from her. Mommy’s boy is often viewed as a man who has been fixated with his childhood life with his mother, one who is over protected, overly pampered and is not capable of deciding for himself without first consulting his mother.

A mommy’s boy can cause displeasure on the part of the girlfriend or a wife. The girlfriend or the wife may feel threatened with the mother-son relationship given that the son’s attention is not on his wife but on his mother. The wife will often get resentful to the fact the son asserts his mother’s decision over their marital affairs. The mother on the other hand may also feel that no woman is good enough for her son so she may also feel resentful to any woman having relationship with his son. This kind of relationship is often thought as unhealthy because the son is not able to face up to his realities.

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