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What Is a Monchichi?

The name Monchichi has a very childlike ring to it, and for obvious reasons. It is the title of a short lived Japanese animated series that aired in the US in the early 80s. The name is also a referent for the cute dolls depicting a monkey-like creature that were inspired by the cartoon series.

Koichi Sekiguchi was the person who designed the popular Monchichi dolls that came out in the early 70s, and was the inspiration for the cartoon series. The dolls were so popular it was produced en masse by Japanese company Sekiguchi Corporation. The dolls were such a hit that Mattel bought a license hat would allow the company to produce Monchichi dolls that will be distributed o the US and international markets.

The original series of Monchichi aired in Japan in 1980. But because of how lucrative the licensing and doll production got, the series led to a one year run from 1983 to 1984 in America. Hanna-Barbera distributed the cartoon. Monchichi’s popularity may be partly attributed to the popularity of strange woodland creatures that were being aired during that time.

When Monchichi finally aired in America, a full cast of Monchichis already existed. The group was ruled by Wizzer, whose home is located above the clouds and who fights the evil Grumplins, who tried to bring the Monchichis’ moods. Despite the short one-year run, Monchichi became a cult favorite in the US. Even now there are still many Monchichi fans who collect the dolls and cherish the short-lived series.

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