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What Is a Money Tree Plant?

There is a special kind of bonsai tree that is called a money tree plant. The money tree plant’s design originates in Taiwan back in the 1980s. The concept of this kind of plant caught on in other Asian countries and has become hugely popular. The popularity of the money tree plant can be attributed to the belief that it brings good luck and fortune. During the Chinese New Year, money tree plants, decorated with red banners and other auspicious decorations, are often given as gifts.

The plant species that is employed for the money tree plant is the Pachira aquatica. It is a plant that is native in South America’s swamp lands. The money tree plant is considered lucky by feng shui believers because of the plant’s five lobed leaves. In particular, a money tree plant that has leaves that are clustered in sevens, which is considered a very lucky number, is particularly desired because it is considered very lucky. The money tree plant’s leaves, along with the nuts and flowers, are edible. The money tree plant is placed in different locations inside the home that are considered places of power. The plants are considered to enhance the luck in these areas.

The money tree plants are handled quite heavily while still young and growing so that it becomes more malleable to the braiding of the central trunk – which consists between three, five or more stems. The top of the plant is allowed to grow freely so that the leaves can grow and flourish.

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