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What Is a Morning Person?

Morning persons are those people who enjoy waking up early in the morning. They can even do things like jogging or running for exercise, and have breakfast before going to school or work. They normally go to sleep early in the evening, but for some persons, even though they sleep late at night, they still wake up early in the morning. These people can do things best at sunrise. Early morning is also a good time to do some take home work like reading emails, to watch television news, or to read newspapers.

Night owls are the counterpart of morning people. They prefer to stay late at night, sleep all morning, and wake up late. Compared to morning people, they do not have the energy to wake up early. Morning people, on the other hand, have all the energy to wake up early and perform their task. They feel more accomplished to start their day.

There are, however, disadvantages to being a morning person. Most of the stores and boutiques are still closed during early morning. They also need to go to sleep earlier than their other friends and family members, unless all of them are also morning people. They can miss out on some of the late night activities.

Scientist say that being a morning person is based on genetics. They have a natural sleep cycle and if they do not wake up early, they will be as groggy as night owls who are forced to wake up early.

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