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What Is a Motherboard?

In a computer, the motherboard refers to the circuit board that is found inside the computer. The motherboard has many roles, one of it being the component that connects together the central processing unit, hard drive, Random Access Memory or RAM, disk drives and optical drives. The video and audio card is either added or is built into the motherboard.

Motherboards can have different configurations in order to address the different budgets and requirements of users. The most basic configuration will come with the required motherboard components like the interfaces to connect the necessary components of a PC and a BIOS chip set that is used for controlling the whole motherboard. It should be noted that there are some hardcore PC users who will choose a motherboard based on the type of BIOS used. They believe that some BIOS types are better performers compared to others. For example, gamers might prefer to use a motherboard with an Nvidia BIOS because of its high ratings for graphics.

Another motherboard feature that is considered important is the type of CPU that will fit in it. There are motherboards that support Intel processors while other support AMD processors. Each processor manufacturer also has different grades of CPUs that will also play in which motherboard is chosen. For example, AMD CPUs will have different CPU sockets that will only fit certain motherboards.

RAM is also another consideration when looking at motherboards. There are certain types of motherboards that will only support a certain number amount of RAM. The general rule is to get the motherboard that has support for more RAM that is actually needed.

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