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What Is Mucinex D?

Mucinex D is an over the counter expectorant taken by mouth to assist in the removal of phlegm and mucus from the airways during an acute respiratory tract infection. Mucinex D contains a combination of guaifenesin, an expectorant, and pseudoephederine, a decongestant. Guaifenesin aids in loosening congestion within the chest and throat. Pseudoephedrine acts by shrinking blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Mucinex D treats symptoms of the common cold, provides temporary relief from cough, cogestion, and sinus headache, and may work to treat allergy symptoms. Mucinex will not cure or treat illnesses and is not suitable for children. As with any medication there is a risk of allergic reaction, drug interaction, and undesirable side effects. Consult a doctor before taking Mucinex D if you are on other medicines and also if your symptoms do not improve within 7 to 10 days.

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