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What Is Muesli?

Muesli is a kind of cereal that is composed of different ingredients like nuts, fruits, toasted whole oats, and usually wheat flakes. Because it is composed of whole grains, muesli is very high in dietary fiber. It is also low in sucrose because it wholly relies on the sweetness of the dried fruits, which only contains fructose. It can also be high in protein depending on how much nuts are used in the mix. This makes muesli a better source of protein compared to other breakfast cereal.

The word "muesli" is actually derived from the Swiss German word "mus" that means "mixture." Muesli was invented near the beginning of the 20th century. Dr. Maximilian Bircher - Benner, who owned a sanatorium. He was very interested in subject of healthy diets and exercise. The patients in Bircher - Benner's clinic were given nutritious foods like muesli, got regular exercise and removed almost all meat in their diets. The patients spent a part of their day gardening. This was a lifestyle that was modelled after that of Swiss shepherds, which Bircher - Benner considered as people with the healthiest type of lifestyle.

Modern muesli is usually different from the recipe of Bircher - Benner. The preparation of oats usually differs in that the oats can be soaked the whole night either in juice or in water instead of just being toasted. There are also new additions to the basic ingredients that are constantly being incorporated. for example, a variety of fruits can be added like grapes, berries or even tropical fruits like bananas and mangoes. Coconut flakes and macadamia nuts are also added in order to make Hawaiian muesli.

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