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What Is a Murder Arrest?

There are different kinds of arrest warrants and arrests that are issued by a court of law, depending upon the offense committed. When a person is suspected of having committed murder, he or she is usually subject to an arrest warrant and subsequently, a murder arrest.

Being subject to a murder arrest does not automatically mean that the person is guilty. A person who has been issued a murder arrest is usually charged or accused of a murder, and must face a court trial in order to be acquitted or convicted. A murder arrest is usually conducted by a law enforcement officer. However, it is possible for a person to conduct a murder arrest via a citizen’s arrest in the event that the person has witnessed a murder or is in a position to conduct the arrest. It is unadvisable to conduct a citizen’s arrest though when the person to be arrested is carrying a weapon or is capable of harming the person wishing to conduct the arrest.

A murder arrest often follows after an investigation has been made into the identity of the person who the police suspect to be responsible for the death of another, or homicide in police terms. Once the investigation leads to a suspect, the law enforcement officers present the evidence in order for a judge to issue an arrest warrant so as to provide police the proper authority to conduct a murder arrest. No matter what the circumstances, the law enforcement officer conducting the arrest must observe the civil rights of the person under arrest.


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