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What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is made from the extract of the plant azadirachta indica. Neem oil is used as a botanical pesticide. Farmers extensively use neem oil as an insecticide and miticide as a way of keeping away parasites and pests like aphids and white flies. Neem oil is a good pesticide because it doesn't have a strong effect on humans mammals and beneficial insects. Aside from being a pesticide, neem oil is also a good solution for treating fungal infections like mildew and rust. Insecticide with neem oil is also effective in repelling lice and mosquitoes.

The plant where neem oil is extracted is a native of Southeast Asia. People who live in the southeast asian region already know the benefits of the plant. They crush the leaves and stem against their skin as an effective repellent of insects, especially those that bite humans. Industrial and commercial use for the plant was discovered by employing the oil produced from grinding the seeds of the neem plant. The oil that has been distilled from the seeds contain high levels of the active chemical called azadirachtin.

The neem oil is sprayed directly on crops as a good organic substitute for harsher types of insecticides that could be harmful to humans. There are even some insecticides that have been found to be carcinogenic. Also some insecticides only have limited uses unlike neem oil based insecticides, which can be used against a large variety of parasites, insects and fungi. Additionally, vegetables dont get poisoned when neem oil is employed.

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