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What Is Neoprene Rubber?

Neoprene rubber is a particular type of synthetic rubber developed in the 1930s. Since then this material has been included and used in many different kinds of products that are used in daily living. Products like wet suits and protective gear extensively use neoprene rubber. It is a popular material in making many products because it has many properties that include resistance to abrasion and chemicals and also it is water proof. It is also stretchable and quite buoyant.

One popular use of neoprene rubber is in the production of wet suits. The neoprene rubber used in wet suits serves to trap water between the wet suit and the skin of the wearer. Body heat raises the temperature of the water that is against the skin, which reduces heat loss from the body. This allows the wearer to stay in the water longer even if the water is cold. Neoprene rubber is also buoyant, which can also help in keeping the wearer afloat in the water. Neoprene wet suits are quite a popular choice among sports enthusiasts, including surfers, wind surfers and divers.

Neoprene rubber wet suits are available in various thicknesses. The thinnest wet suits are about 1/16 inch and is mainly used in trying to avoid getting skin abraded and sunburnt. The thicker suits can have a thickness of about 1/4 inch and is used in cold water. Of course, the thicker the neoprene rubber used in the wet suit the more it insulates the body.

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