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What Is a Notary Public?

A notary public is an individual that is authorized to bear witness to legal documents. He does so by affixing his signature and seal on the said documents. The seal is a necessary element, which is created by using an embossing tool. Each notary public is given a unique number which identifies him. A notary public is also called a public notary or notary.

There are a variety of services that a notary public offers, but the common characteristic is that they are non-contentious matters. A notary public can be asked to sign and seal leases and other contracts, affidavits and other sworn statements, and so on. Documents which have been signed by a notary public are described as being notarized.

How can one become a notary public? One common misconception is that a person has to have legal training in order to become a notary public. While attorneys and lawyers may offer their services as a notary public, the fact is that no legal training is required. As such, any other public figure may take on the function of a notary public as long as he obtains a license.

The average person has a need for the services of a notary public only occasionally. In these cases, one merely has to find a notary public and pay a small fee for his service. Notary publics are regulated in the sense that they cannot charge high fees for their services. Indeed, given the nature of what they offer - signing and affixing their seal - the small fee is justifiable.

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