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What Is Nursing Home Negligence?

Nursing home negligence refers to the failure to properly exercise care due to abuse of position or power. This happens when abuse occurs toward a patient or there was intent to harm or cause injury towards another person.

Nursing home negligence clearly deprives patients of their rights to be treated fairly and with care. Those victims of such abuse have the right to complain and organizations such as the Department of Social Services (DSS) or Department of Public Health (DPH) would be of great help to them.

These violations done toward patients may not necessarily be just physical abuse but even acts that indirectly affect their health, safety and rights are also considered violations and abuses. Similar to any other crime or even just a simple violation done, there are appropriate punishments that are applied to this type of negligence and criminal charges could as well be filed against the violators.

Nursing home negligence is an outcome of abuses that differ depending on how it affected the patient. The first question that may initially be asked is “Was the patient affected physically or emotionally?”

One way of identifying the negative effects of a negligent act is by looking at the actions of the patient such as if they act the way they should. This explains that nursing home abuse is divided into physical and emotional abuse accordingly.

Physical abuse involves inflicting wounds caused by the care giver and with the intention to such act. Meanwhile, emotional abuse could be done through the use of offensive words uttered to patients that could cause them to be upset and agitated. Another kind of abuse pertains to neglecting patients such that they are not given the proper attention and care due to them.

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