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What Is Open and Closed on Presidents' Day?

Presidents' Day (originally known as Washington's Birthday) is one of the federal holidays within the U.S. where many institutions, banks, and governmental offices shut down. Federal holidays often are a source of confusion as many institutions remain open while others remain closed to commemorate an event or person. Here is a list of what is open and closed on Presidents' Day:

Post Offices: Closed

Banks: Primarily Closed (though many may remain open normal hours)

Schools: Closed (including most public schools and some universities)

Public Agencies: Closed (includes most local, state, and federal offices)

Stock Market: Closed

Grocery Stores: Open

Malls: Open (though sometimes with shortened hours. Call for hours)

Mass Transit: Open (generally on regular schedules)

Recreation Centers: Varies (call ahead for hours)

Parking Meters: May not be enforced.


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