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What Is an Optimist?

A person who thinks positively and always hopes for the best results is called an optimist. Even though it is not clearly positive at the moment, a person still hopes for a good outcome. And pessimist is the opposite of an optimist. Pessimists focus only on the negative side of a scenario, while optimists focus on the positive side.

One example of the difference between optimism and pessimism can be seen in half a bar of chocolate. An optimistic person would be happy enough to think that at least there is still a half bar of chocolate left to eat. But a pessimistic person would not appreciate the remaining half bar of chocolate because it has already been lessened.

The bad thing about being optimistic is that these people see too many positive things that they might be keeping themselves away from reality. A comment by Daniel J. Keardon states “In the long run, the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip”. This is an expression that views optimism as a negative value.

Until now optimists are said to take a hands on approach in improving things and are sometimes not passive in reacting to situations that can be better than it can be. The good thing about being an optimist is that they can have better health and a lower risk of having depressions and frustrations compared to a pessimist. They can also easily deal with situations when they realize what they can manage and what they cannot in order to have a more positive lifestyle.

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