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What Is Orthopedic Massage?

Orthopedic massage is a kind of therapy that incorporates several massage techniques. The goal of orthopedic massage is to treat injuries of soft tissue. Orthopedic massage is also meant to improve the function of soft tissue. Some experts simplify the definition of orthopedic massage as being a combination of massage and physical therapy.

Before a therapist can conduct orthopedic massage sessions, he needs to be certified. This is more critical for orthopedic massage therapists due to the fact that the sessions are meant to deal with medical conditions. If an unskilled person conducts the therapy, he may do more harm than good.

Orthopedic massage sessions start out with a consultation, wherein the therapist and the patient will discuss the specific problems. The therapist will ask questions about the problems that the patient is experiencing, placing a focus on the musculoskeletal system. The therapist may also work together with a doctor. This is usually the case when the patient has other conditions that may have caused the soft tissue injury.

The goal of an orthopedic massage therapist is to normalize the soft tissues the body. The problem areas are determined during the initial consultation. Depending on the specific problems of the patient, the ultimate goal may be to treat a condition or to simply improve the overall well-being of the patient.

The number of required orthopedic massage sessions depends on the specific condition of the patient and how his body responds to the initial session. It is not uncommon, though, for at least a couple of sessions to be recommended.

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