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What Is Ozone Treatment?

Ozone treatment is a type of remedy that is based on the idea that ozone has healing properties. Also called ozone therapy, this method is hinged on the concept that ozone has oxidizing properties and can kill pathogens. However, this concept is still very much up for debate. In fact, while there is a lot of anecdotal evidence as to the efficacy of ozone treatment, there is not much by way of scientific studies.

Those who do practice and believe in ozone treatment claim that it can heal a wide range of conditions. The premise is that ozone is an unstable molecule, and when it does break down, it releases a free radical (an oxygen atom). This can turn destroy cells as it seeks to get its own electron. The process, however, is exactly what is used to destroy the “bad” - viruses, bacteria, etc.

There are many ways of administering ozone: intravenous autohaemotransfusion, intramuscular, intra-articular & intradiscal O2/O3 gas injections, rectal and vaginal insufflation, transdermal ozone gas sauna, limb bagging or booting, ozonated oil (such as avocado, olive, hempseed, canola or sunflower) liniments & poultices, drinking ozonated water, and dental applications.

Ozone treatment continues to be a controversial topic, especially since its proponents basically argue that it can heal practically anything - from a simple viral illness to AIDS, and even cancer. As a matter of fact, ozone treatment is not approved by the FDA as they have not yet proved that ozone inside the body does not damage other healthy cells. Still, ozone therapy is legal in many states.

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