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What Is Parental Consent?

Before children can engage in specific activities, a parental consent is solicited. Events that may endanger a child’s health and well-being require parental consent so as to appropriate liability. Medical treatment, dangerous sports activities, and applications for identification are instances wherein parental consent is required.

Minors are not liable for their actions but their parents are, thus the need for parental consent. Another reason why parental consent is needed is for the protection of minors. It is without reasonable doubt that minors may not yet have developed the ability to make informed decisions or may choose to make decisions based on general ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Parental consent is also meant to respect the values, beliefs, and information that the parents wish to be accessible to their child. If a certain piece of information or a specific value is not in accordance with the way that the parents choose to bring up the child, they parents may choose to withhold their consent to exposing their child to such dissonance.

When minors wish to be free of parental consent or wish to be liable for their own actions and decisions, they may file a lawsuit for emancipation. This type of civil litigation releases the child from the responsibility of the parents, and holds the minor accountable for his or her own actions and the consequences thereof.

If a parent or parents do not act in the best interests of the child, the child is then taken out of the parents’ custody and placed in the care of a guardian or is brought to the state’s social services.

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