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What Is a Patent Lawyer?

To patent an invention is to authorize the patent holder sole and exclusive rights to the object that is patented. Usually this is done to prohibit any unauthorized use of an invention for commercial purposes wherein the original inventor or patent holder derives no benefits or has no claim. Most patent cases are done in order to limit or control the use of an object.

It is the duty of a patent lawyer to file documents in order to patent an object, method, process, etc. as well as to defend the rights of the patent holder in a court of law. The patent lawyer registers the invention or method to be patented at the local patent office. Either the entire object or process may be patented or a part of it is patented. This is due to the fact that previously patented inventions or processes may be similar to the current one that is undergoing patenting that it may be necessary to change the contents of patent forms in order to anticipate these issues.

A patent lawyer is different from a patent agent mainly due to the ability of a patent lawyer to initiate litigation processes on behalf of his or her client. A patent lawyer is a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction where he conducts his practice. It is also common that patent lawyers have good foundational scientific knowledge as this helps them understand the object or process they are in charge of patenting. A patent agent on the other hand is only capable of handling patent forms and representing the inventor or patent holder in the patent office, but has no capacity to do so in a court of law.

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