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What Is a Patent?

When an individual comes up with an original idea, artwork, musical composition, process, or some other form of intellectual property, the individual will usually want to protect it from being copied and from others claiming it to be original. Thus, the individual can file for a patent to protect the idea, process, music, art, writing, etc. he or she originally made.

A patent is a legal device used to protect intellectual property from being used in an unauthorized manner. Patents are usually obtained for new inventions or creations. Protecting such works from theft is of utmost importance to some due to the amount of effort, time, and money spent on creating such works.

There are a variety of patents that exist, which can be used by the public in order to protect their intellectual property from theft or unauthorized use. A design patent is obtained to protect any form of ornamental design while a plant patent is used to protect a new species of plant engineered. A utility patent is obtained for a physical object that has been invented. A business process patent also exists to protect integral manufacturing processes of businesses. All these types of patents can be filed for at the patent office.

The US patent office is in charge of protecting all forms of intellectual property using patents, trademarks, and copyrights within the jurisdiction of the US. Each type of protection offered by the patent office is specific to the object or idea that the individual wishes to protect.

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